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Storyyy helps you tell your brand’s story and generate sales in a simple & efficient way across all online marketing channels.

Online marketing has become too complex for an individual or even a small team to manage effectively on their own. There’s too many options, too many channels, too many acronyms, too much data, too little time & money. That’s where Storyyy comes in.

What's the problem?

We integrate the best marketing apps in the business and make them talk to each other using our own proprietary algorithms and human supervision to give you a one stop solution for all your online marketing needs. Put simply, Storyyy is the cockpit for your online marketing, mixed in with an expert copilot to handle all the technical details. Tell us where you want to go and we’ll just fly you there.

How we help

How it Works

Big companies succeed not just because they have top experts working for them. They also use tools that give them all the data they need to implement their strategies and help them manage their campaigns. Our mission is to make this process of data-driven, technology-enabled marketing available to every business, big and small.

Storyyy starts with a full roster of specialized online marketing software that adds up to over $14000 per month per individual user, and that’s not even including what you’re paying the people qualified to use it.


Landing page Design & Creation 

$370 per month


$1400 per month


$2400 per month

Conversion Rate Optimization

$2,000 per month

Email Marketing

$1,250 per month

Lead Generation

$299 per month

Mobile Tracking

$5,800 per month


$549.95 per month

Social Media

$999 per month







We can offer all this for just $1000 per month because we simply pay bulk agency rates for backend access.


These apps are the best in the business at what they do, but to drive results we need to make them work together. That’s why we integrated these apps and made them exchange data using our own proprietary algorithms based on machine learning, NLP and other technologies. The output from one app becomes the input for another, so they effectively ‘talk’ to each other. This way we can treat campaigns like a single project and make sure we measure results accurately and reach the same precisely targeted people no matter how many different channels we use. The whole process is run by our team of experienced marketers who offer strategic management, guide A/B testing and guarantee results.

Email Marketing

A/B Testing

Lead Generation

Mobile Tracking

Landing Page Creation



Conversion Rate Optimization

Storyyy is an integrated online marketing solution covering all the steps in complex marketing campaigns:


Social Media Marketing

Daily or Weekly reporting

Dedicated Account Manager

With Storyyy we handle all of this for you so you can focus on running your business. No need to pay for through the roof for software or in-house personnel. You just get results: traffic, leads, sales. Maximizing your marketing ROI with Storyyy is risk-free: we are offering a 2x value guarantee in sales, or your money back!


We will need you to describe who your target audience is so we can find them online and engage them.

Step 1: Define Your Target

Step 2: Campaign Message:

This is where you tell us what your campaign is about. If it’s a promotion, what are the mechanics? If it’s a new product, what’s it about?

Step 3: State Your Objectives

Tell us what success looks like? Our process incorporates extensive A/B testing, analytics and ongoing optimization, so we won’t stop until we achieve your objectives.

Step 4: Landing Page Creation

We create several landing page versions and we A/B test them throughout the campaign to see which version converts best. Then, we redirect traffic and improve on the top performers.

Step 5: Email Marketing

We deliver email messages to your prospective clients and drive traffic towards the landing page(s). Contrary to what you might have heard, email is still one of the most effective online marketing channels. Email templates are also A/B tested and continuously improved.

We identify the most relevant keywords for your campaign and bid on them to capture search traffic and direct it towards the landing page.

Step 6: Search Engine Marketing

Step 7: Social Media Marketing

We find your target on social media & identify trending topics or hashtags relevant to your campaign and we use that data to analyze their behavior and deliver targeted ads that capture them and bring over to the landing page.

Step 8: Analytics

We integrate data from all channels and analyze it to see how the target responds to the campaign, what channels perform best, what is the best mix and so on.

Step 9: Conversion Optimization

We permanently monitor and make adjustments to all aspects of your campaign based on one core KPI: conversion rate.

Step 10: Reports

With our daily or weekly reports, you’re always in control and fully aware of how your campaign is doing.

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Hear from our clients

"After signing up for Total Growth we saw an immediate increase in emails and app downloads. Every month since then we've grown more and more. I've put money into various marketing strategies but this has been the best by far in terms of return on investment."

Justin Torbati | Co-Founder

"A lot of people are already familiar with the Lucky Strike brand, but the team at Storyyy Creative took us to the next level by modernizing our web assets and positioning us for successful digital marketing. They do excellent work and are a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend them."

Brandon Thomsen | Marketing Manager

"We started as a service company so when we launched an e-course as our first digital product we weren't exactly sure how to market it. Storyyy Creative and the Total Growth program put our course in front of the right people. Every month they make improvements to our pages and we see higher sales as a result."

Bonnie Sadigh | President

A. No, all you need to pay is a flat fee of $1000 a month.

A. No, we’re online marketing professionals and we find it’s better if we stick to doing what we do best. But we can recommend you some excellent content creators that we’ve worked with successfully in the past.

Frequently asked questions

A. The Storyyy process works equally well regardless of the industry of our clients because it’s based on data and A/B testing. So no matter what field you’re in, we’ll optimize your campaign until we find the mix that delivers you the best possible ROI.

A. We welcome clients from everywhere in the USA.

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Q. My business is a bit special, is your process suited to all industries?

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